I came across Lidia’s website,, whilst searching for an Italian teacher. The trial lesson was a bit challenging as I did not speak a word of Italian and the whole conversation took place in Spanish (my mother tongue). Despite understanding Italian well and holding a B2 certificate in Italian, I’ve struggled for years to speak the language and this has caused me a lot of frustration… Lidia was extremely nice and understanding, and advised me to take my time. Although it was just a free trial lesson, she sent me an email with 10 links to other resources to
improve my language skills! I decided to take the plunge and booked a package of 10 lessons with Lidia. Our first “official” lesson was a miracle for me! All of a sudden ! was speaking Italian with my new teacher! I couldn’t believe it and neither could she, after what she had experienced previously with me during the trial lesson… The truth is that Lidia makes you feel so comfortable and at ease that it is extremely easy to relax and just learn! In addition, she can discuss any topic and there are never weird silences or any judgement for lack of knowledge. She just makes everything
easy. I love that she emails religiously a summary of each lesson with a list of things to remember and study. Lidia is knowledgeable, organised, flexible, accommodating, patience and a lovely person to be with online! What else do you want in a teacher?
Mai (Spain)